The Salem Film Fest is entering its last week—running through July 30th!

Titlecard Partner/composer Joel Roston, a member of the festival’s screening committee, moderated a couple of Q&As/discussions with filmmakers.

1. Scattering CJ: Discussion includes filmmakers, Andrea Kalin and Ethan Oser, as well as the film’s subjects, Hallie, John, and Connor Twomey.

Scattering CJ just started screening this past Friday and runs through the end of the festival.

Check out the trailer and stream the film here and watch the Q&A here.

2. Shorts Block: See the World: While the See the World shorts block contains four films, due to scheduling conflicts, only two of the filmmakers could be present for the post-film discussion—Simon Lereng Wilmont, maker of Bird Boy and Maja Novaković, creator of the film, Then comes the Evening.

Like Scattering CJ, the See the World shorts block runs through the end of the festival.

View the block here and peep the Q&A here.

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