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Tiny Vampires Podcast, Theme

Check out the track “Broken Lock – Darker” from the Titlecard Music Library doin’ it’s thing as the new theme music for the podcast Tiny Vampires! We customized the track “Broken Lock” for host, Raven Forrest Fruscalzo, who loved the feeling, but wanted something a…

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Getting the Rights to a Song The Biz

Sometimes a client is interested in including a song by a popular artist in their project. Knowing how to figure out who owns the rights to a given track and how to go about requesting a license for that track seems like a good skill…

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Illuminators Podcast, Theme

We’re psyched to have had the opportunity to create custom theme music for the new season of the podcast, Illuminators, “a show about the people and the forces transforming the business of energy.” We had a ton of fun working with Post Script Audio producers…

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